Trojan Horse Shipping

Another Trojan Horse from Greece. The only industry Greece is really known for is lies and bluffs. First Greeks tell you they control the world's shipping, then they tell you shipping produces no tax revenues. They say they control anywhere from half to one twenthieth of the world maritime industry, yet not a single shipping billionaire is Greek. Isn't that fishy? That's because the Greeks count a ship as Greek even if one person working on it is Greek, even if he is the toilet cleaner. Then a lot of Greek shipping is privately held, with most of the capital being loans from American insurance firms. Then the Greeks transport most of Arabic Black Gold, formerly the human slave trade, now the petroleum trade. Then a lot of the supposedly Greek shipping families are really Catholic Venetian nobility who have not set foot in Greece for two centuries. How many caiques are included in the 3,500 supposedly Greek ships?