Trojan Horse Diet

Just like everything else the Greeks tell you, the Mediterannean diet is a
Trojan Horse fraud, to profit Greek doctors. The only thing the Greeks are
good at is lies. The over-starched, over-oiled, over-cooked Mediterannean
Diet produced five percent greater obesity than the classic American diet.
They eat more starch and oil than others. Overcooking destroys many nutrients.
Why else did so many Greeks whose fathers died of heart attacks become
cardiologists? Greeks go to Greece to got to the doctor, so any records here
are fraudulent and they also lie about their age to get early social security,
so the longevity is fraudulent. Greek monks refuse to bathe because they
believe hygiene to be Judaic. Greeks fear food genetics, hormones,
pesticides, fertilizers, saniation and hygiene because these savages
think their filth will innoculate against plague, cholera, typhus and disentery.

Boureki,Kaseri - Sodium, Cholesterol - Blood Pressure
Cocoretsi - Escherichia coli - Colon Cancer
Diples - Cholesterol - Heart Attack
Kalamari, Sikoti - Purine - Kidney Stones, Gout
Loukaniko - Helicobacter Pylori - Stomach Cancer
Mageiritsa - Enterococcus faecalis - Colon Epethelian Cancer
Marides, Sardines, Herring - Purine - Kidney Stones, Gout
Radicchio, Blite, Orache - Ochratoxin - Bladder, kidney cancer
Skara/Tsikna - heterocyclic amines - stomach cancer
Tarama - Sodium, Purine - Kidney Stones, Gout
Trahana, Gigantes - Aflatoxin - Colon Cancer